Frozen Whole Durian

From planting, harvesting to filtering and processing the durian into end products, Mun Meng Fruits imposes a stringent operation standard and quality control on each and every process, ensuring the durian is processed without any additives or preservatives, but only in its purest and natural form. The liquid nitrogen fast-freeze technology used ensures the preservation of up to 95% of the durian texture and taste. Customers will be able to enjoy the authenticity and true goodness of durian anytime, anywhere, even during the off-durian season.

Minimum Order
Musang King: 1000KG
D24: 1000KG

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Production Process

• The collected durians immediately undergo the cleaning process to remove dust and leaves on the durian husk
• After the cleaning process, the durians are selected manually.
Liquid nitrogen fast freezing
• The carefully selected durians are then placed inside a liquid nitrogen fast freezing chamber set at -100°C.
• The frozen durians are stored in a cold chamber set at -18°C while waiting to be exported.