Every year, Mun Meng Fruits collects over 2,000 tonnes of durians from its own plantation and a network of local plantations. These durians are mainly Musang King, D24 and Ochee.

“Promote Local Durian”

Besides supplying fresh durians to local consumers and neighbouring countries, Mun Meng Fruits has its own processing plant to produce and export durian products, such as pulp, paste and frozen whole durian to countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Annually, it exports up to 1,500 tonnes.


Our mission is to promote local durians to the world. In order to achieve this, we observe strict quality control in our production to offer only the freshest, finest and the best of Raub’s grown durian products.


Our vision is aligned with our mission to promote local durians to the world and let people enjoy the freshest and authentic Raub Musang King durian at the most affordable price, no matter where they are.

The Founder

Mun Meng Fruits is founded by Leong, who was born and raised in Raub. Growing up in the land of durian, Leong’s whole life has revolved around durian plantation and acquisition. Initially, he focused his business was mainly focused on supplying Kampung and D24 durians in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2008, with the rapid rise of Musang King, he seized the opportunity to ride on the tide. Within five years, he successfully promoted Musang King to countries outside Malaysia, including China, Hong Kong and the West.

Our History

Quality Assurance

From harvesting to processing, every batch of durian products must go through a sampling process by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture to fulfil their strict requirements and standard before being exported overseas. This is to preserve Malaysia’s reputation as the premier durian-producing country