Best Durian Farm In Pahang

A Durian Export Company In Malaysia

Every year, Mun Meng Fruits collects over 2,000 tonnes of durians from its durian farm in Pahang and a network of local plantations. These durians are mainly Musang King, D24, and Ochee.


Besides supplying fresh durians to local consumers and neighbouring countries, Mun Meng Fruits, a leading durian export company in Malaysia, has its processing plant to produce and export durian products such as pulp, paste, and frozen whole durian to countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Annually, it exports up to 1,500 tonnes.






Mun Meng Fruits was founded by Leong, who was born and raised in Raub. Growing up in the land of durians, Leong’s whole life revolved around durian plantation and acquisition, particularly at his durian farm in Pahang. Initially, his business was mainly focused on supplying Kampung and D24 durians in Malaysia and Singapore.




从采摘到加工处理,每一批榴莲产品都必须要 通过卫生部和农业部抽检,并要通过当局的严 格标准才可推出市场和出口。