Mun Meng awarded Excellent Durians Exporter at Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA)

LICTA(Lang International Corporate Titan Awards)是由马来西亚国家语文出版局和全球企业家发展合作社联办的一个企业盛典。LICTA是一个备受关注的企业奖项,得到了多个政府机构的支持和认可;多位内阁部长及高官显爵都会出席版奖典礼,为获奖企业领发奖项。

在这第五届的LICTA企业盛典,很荣幸可以获得了“EXCELLET DURIANS EXPORTER” 的荣誉。在此感谢LICTA的评审团对我们公司的认可和支持。这个奖项将进一步激励我们团队,继续致力于高质量的产品和出色的客户服务,为全球市场提供最优质的马来西亚榴莲。



LICTA(Lang International Corporate Titan Awards)is an Internal Business Award jointly organised by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), Ministry of Education Malaysia and Koperasi Pembangunan Usahawan Global Berhad. LICTA is a highly regarded business award that has received support and recognition from various government agencies. Several cabinet ministers and high-ranking officials attend the award ceremony to present awards to the winning companies.

The 5th LICTA has awarded MUN MENG FRUITS (M) SDN BHD with “EXCELLENT DURIANS EXPORTER”. We would like to express our gratitude to the jury of LICTA for their recognition and support of our company. This award will further motivate our team to continue delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, providing the global market with the finest Malaysian durians.

Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the employees of our company. Your hard work, professionalism, and teamwork are instrumental in our success. This award is a testament to your dedication and efforts, and we thank you for your contributions. We will use this award as a driving force to strive for excellence and set higher standards in the durian export business. Once again, thank you to LICTA for recognizing and supporting us.

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